Welcome to Hosanna

Welcome to Hosanna pilgrim songs.     By editor of the book, Andrew Donaldson

Walking, as a spiritual discipline, is a practice probably as ancient as humanity itself. As a journey to a holy site, it is an act of devotion, or repentance. As a public demonstration it is an act of communal solidarity, a way of grieving or celebrating together. Many times, particularly during times of oppression, walking together has been the only way that people have had to protest or express anger.

The kind of pilgrimage as imagined by the World Council of Churches is a pilgrimage of justice and peace – a way for faith communities to think about, and act on, critical social and economic issues in solidarity with each other, and with other communities.

“Hosanna!” is a book of songs from WCC publications to express and accompany this pilgrimage.

On this site you will find video and audio recordings of many of the songs in “Hosanna!” This site is itself a kind of pilgrimage, in that we will continue to record the songs and post them. I will also add reflections on the songs themselves, suggestions for teaching and using them, and arrangements for various instruments.


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