Photo: WCC assembly, Buzan / WCC website

Gathering and greeting (#20-45)

(Color photo: WCC assembly, Buzan / WCC website)

20 A agua
23 Comment ne pas te louer? (How can we not praise your name?)
25a Note
26 Der, voghormia (Full harmony version of 25a)
28 Kurie eleison (a)/ Lord, have mercy
29 Kurie eleison (b)/ Lord, have mercy
32 Psalm 24 refrain
34 Hallelujah Bushi
35 Hallelujeh
36 Jukkeso wanwiye (The God of glory)
37 Mari beribadah (Let us come and worship)
38 Nita mwimbiya Bwana / I will sing to the Lord
43 Uhibbuka Rabbi Yasu (I give my heart to you, O Christ)

Gathering at Bossey
The youth from the Central Committee, youth advisors, and stewards meet after lunch at Bossey to get to know each other and sing together.