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12a Halle, hallelujah
13 O povo de Deus (The people of God)
15 Que ests iglesia sea un árbol
19 As a deer longs for flowing streams
20 A agua
23  Comment ne pas te louer? (How can we not praise your name?)
25a Note
26 Der, voghormia (Full harmony version of 25a)
28 Kurie eleison (a)/ Lord, have mercy
29 Kurie eleison (b)/ Lord, have mercy
32 Psalm 24 refrain
34 Hallelujah Bushi
35 Hallelujeh
36 Jukkeso wanwiye (The God of glory)
37 Mari beribadah (Let us come and worship)
38 Nita mwimbiya Bwana / I will sing to the Lord
43 Uhibbuka Rabbi Yasu (I give my heart to you, O Christ)
56 Jikelele
59 O God, you planted a garden
60 Psalm 46 ‘Don’t be afraid’
61 O povo de Deus (The people of God)
62 Huapango del pan / A chance to earn their bread
65 Tout est fait pour la gloire de Dieu
67 Haitian Kyrie
68 Margam Satyam Jivam Nive
71 For everyone born
72 My love colours outside the lines
76 Höre mich
81 Las mesas partidas
82 Murassalat
84 Go On Your Way in Joy